Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Discipline of Scriptual Meditation Part 2

Adapted from the book 'Celebration of Discipline - The Path to Spiritual Growth' by Richard Foster 2008

"The contemplation of the saints is fired by the love of the One contemplated: that is, God." - Albert the Great

What is the purpose of meditation?
1. It brings us closer and closer to Jesus. Spending time in this manner, it cultivates daily walk with Him which is characterised by an intensity of intimacy and an 'awful reverence'.

2. Meditation is the doorway which allows Jesus access to the deepest recesses of our heart. It is during this process that we are changed and our inner personality transformed.

3. Meditation is designed to fill our mind only with the Lord, leaving the rush and confusion and busyness of everyday life behind. In this way it aims to help us to live our life more successfully and with less stress.

4. It can help provide insights and solutions to pressing problems as well as guidance and clarity to everyday situations.

5. As a divine encounter with our God, it brings joy to the Lover and the Beloved.

6. Meditation is a discipline which requires the Christian to assume individual responsibility by choosing to come into His prescence himself, not through a mediator.

7. We develop the ability to hear His voice and sense His presence more clearly. This in turn, encourages us to seek Him more. be continued....

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