Monday, August 16, 2010

Genesis Brief

Vital Statistics
Purpose: To Record God’s creation of the world and His desire to have a people set apart to worship Him
Author: Moses
To Whom Written: The people of Israel
Date Written: 1450-1410 BC
Setting: The region presently known as The Middle East
Key Verses: “So God created people in His own image, God patterned them after Himself; male and female He created them” (1:27), “I will cause you to become the father of a great nation. I will bless you and make you famous, and I will make you a blessing to others. I will bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you. All the families of the earth will be blessed through you” (12:2,3)
Key People: Adam, Eve. Noah, Abraham, Sarah, Isaac, Rebekah, Jacob, Joseph

The Blueprint
The Story of Creation (1:1-2:4)
God created the sky, seas and land. He created the plants, animals, fish, and birds. But He created human beings in His own image. At times, others may treat us disrespectfully. But we can be certain of our dignity and worth because we have been created in the image of God.

The Story of Adam (2:4-5:32)
1) Adam and Eve
2) Cain and Abel
3) Adam’s Ascendants
When Adam and Eve were created by God, they were without sin. But they became sinful when they disobeyed God and ate some fruit from the tree. Through Adam and Eve we learn about the destructive power of sin and its bitter consequences.

The Story of Noah (6:1-11:32)
1) The Flood
2) Repopulating the Earth
3) The tower of Babel
Noah was spared from the destruction of the Flood because he obeyed God and built the boat. Just as God protected Noah and his family, he still protects those who are faithful to Him today.

The Story of Abraham (12:1-25:18)
1) God promises a nation to Abram
2) Abram and Lot
3) God promises a son to Abram
4) Sodom and Gomorrah
5) Birth and near sacrifice of Isaac
6) Isaac and Rebekah
7) Abraham dies
Abraham was asked to leave his country, wander in Canaan, wait years for a son, and then sacrifice him as a burnt offering. Through these periods of sharp testing, Abraham remained faithful to God. His example teaches us what it means to live a life of faith.

The Story of Isaac (25:19-28:9)
1) Jacob and Esau
2) Isaac and Abimelech
3) Jacob gets Isaac’s blessing
Isaac did not demand his own way, He did not resist when he was about to be sacrificed, and he gladly accepted a wife chosen for him by others. Like Isaac, we must learn to put God’s will ahead of our own.

The Story of Jacob (28:10-36:43)
1) Jacob starts a family
2) Jacob returns home
Jacob did not give up easily. He faithfully served Laban for over 14 years. Later he wrestled with God. Although Jacob made many mistakes, his hard work teaches about living a life of service for our Lord.

The Story of Joseph (37:1-50:26)
1) Joseph is sold into slavery
2) Joseph and Tamar
3) Joseph is thrown into prison
4) Joseph is placed in charge of Egypt
5) Joseph and his brothers meet in
6) Jacob’s family moves to Egypt
7) Jacob and Joseph die in Egypt
Joseph was sold into slavery by his brothers and unjustly thrown into prison by his master. Through the life of Joseph, we learn that suffering, no matter how unfair, can develop strong character in us.

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